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What is Hydroponics? 5 Popular Hydroponic Technologies to Know.
The new Hydroponics system in the agriculture industry is slowly gaining popularity due to its high crop outputs and the smart technology that it uses. If you do not know what hydroponics is, need not worry, in this article, we will learn about hydroponics and its different technologies.
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Three Mistakes to Avoid in an A-Frame Vertical Hydroponic System

A-frame NFT hydroponics is a type of hydroponic system where plants are grown on angled frames in a vertical arrangement. The frames are typically arranged in an "A" shape, hence the name A-frame. The plants are grown in channels on the angled surfaces of the frames, and a thin film of nut...

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Subsidy for polyhouse setup in India.

A subsidy is a financial aid or assistance provided by the government or an organization to a particular individual, group, or business to promote economic activities or encourage certain behaviors. Subsidies can come in various forms, including cash payments, tax breaks, ...

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Grow Bags vs Dutch Buckets: Which Container System is Best for Commercial Crop Production?
This system uses bags made of porous fabric or plastic to grow plants. Plants are grown directly in the bags filled with a growing medium such as soil or a soilless mix like cocopeat. In a commercial grow bag system, the bags are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as he...
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Searching for the Perfect Hydroponic System for your Plants. Here is all that your Plant Needs!
Learn about Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System. Build one of your own or buy one starter kit to learn Hydroponics at Home
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Is Hydroponically-grown food as Nutritious as soil-grown?
Ever wondered which food is more nutritious? The one grown Hydroponically or the soil-grown? Read on and find out.
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Nutritient deficiency in plants: Signs to watch out for
Learn how to identify the visible nutrient deficiency symptoms in your garden plants.
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Is it Safe to Consume Fortified Food
Food fortification sounds scary. Will it be ok to eat something with added chemicals? What is food fortification? Read on to find out.
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What are Genetically Modified (GMO) Crops? Are they Good or Bad?
Summary: While countries like the US and China have widely adopted GMO foods as a part of the solution to solve the world food problem, India is following the policy of wait and watch. Who is wiser?
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Which nutrients will you choose for your plants? Organic or Inorganic.
Contrary to intuition and popular belief, bone meal, fish excreta, and seaweeds are not allowed in Organic production in India as per current NPOP guidelines.
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