Searching for the Perfect Hydroponic System for your Plants. Here is all that your Plant Needs!

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The new Hydroponics system in the agriculture industry is slowly gaining popularity due to its high crop outputs and the smart technology that it uses, not only this, the hydroponics industry is estimated to grow tremendously in the coming years.

If you do not know what hydroponics is, need not worry, in this article we will be dealing with what is hydroponics and one method of growing plants by hydroponics – that is the DEEP WATER CULTURE (DWC), understanding the mechanism of a DWC system, its benefits, and steps to set up a DWC system.

NFT A Frame Spinach Hydroponics

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a process of growing plants, wherein the soil is replaced by water i.e. – the roots remain soaked in a water-based nutrient solution instead of soil, absorbing all the minerals required for growing from the water reservoir.

How is DWC related to Hydroponics?

While growing plants in the soil we use various methods and tools, e.g. – we would use a tractor or a cultivator for plowing the soil and a seed tape or dibble for sowing the seeds in the ground. Similarly growing plants by hydroponics includes various machinery and methods, amongst many like an Ebb and flow, drip system, aeroponics, and many more DWC is one such method.

1. What is a DWC System?

Complementary to the name itself, Deep/Direct water culture is a method in which the plant roots remain soaked in water throughout their development period. 

The liquid solution in which the plants are dipped contains three main elements, namely-

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Nutrients {Mainly NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium), Micronutrients (Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Chloride, Boron, Iron), Mesa nutrients (Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium)}

Components of a DWC Hydroponic System

·  Plants

·  Water reservoir (bucket)

·  Net pots

·  Air pumps

·  Air stone

·  Hose

·  pH control kit

2. How does a DWC system work?

  • A certain number of plants are placed in a tray. The plants are placed in such a way that the roots of the plants hang down from the small pits.
  • The water reservoir (bucket) filled with the nutrient solution is led into the tray where plants are placed through a pipe/tube.
  • Plant roots absorb the required nutrients from the flowing water, which is sufficiently provided, throughout the process.
  • An air pump is used for availing oxygen to the roots and this air pump is the most important appliance in the whole system of hydroponics. The absence of an air pump would either leave the plant deoxygenated or even lead to its death.

Remember: The nutrient and the water requirement of every plant may vary depending upon its size and type.

3. How to assemble a DWC System?

  • Start with preparing the nutrient solution, once ready check the pH, remember the favorable pH shall be between 5.5 to 6.5
  • Place the plants in the net pots and fix the net pots in the tray through the hollow pits.
  • From the water reservoir connect the hose and towards the end of it attach the air stone, which would enable producing tiny bubbles.
  • After putting up all the above-mentioned apparatus together you can put the system under the light.

4. What are the benefits of a DWC System?

  • Reduces the use of fertilizer, as the plants are always drenched in the nutrient solution.
  • Very slight amount of maintenance after setting up for once
  • Assembling is comparatively easy.
  • Adequate nutrient absorption from the solution, improves cell growth rate.
  • The time required for plant growth is relatively low.

Confused about where to get a full-fledged kit from?

Try CityGreens DWC Starter Kit

City Greens has come up with its hydroponics DWC kids which can not only be used by adults but also by kids and people who are willing to start it as a hobby or even for the experiment.

The kit comes with:

  • DWC pipes
  • Hydroponics nutrients
  • Air pump
  • Net pots
  • Fly Ash Hydrotons
  • Coir Coins
  • Variety of seeds

How is it different from other Kits?

  • City Greens DWC kit is the only one that allows you to open the lid and access the root zone, anytime during the plant lifecycle. It also comes with a dual opening mechanism and lift-open mechanism, with this mechanism you can simply lift up the lid and access the root zone even when the plants are still growing. 
  • Allows you to open the NFT channel or pipes, check the water level and clean the system from time to time.
  • All the required apparatus is available in one box and at a very affordable cost.
  • Perfect for small-scale production or an experiment.

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