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We're not just another Greenhouse supplier; We're a global AgriTech company.

At our 145,000 sq ft Agriculture R&D Centre, we cultivate 23 diverse crops across 12 microclimates, harnessing 9 cutting-edge technologies. We have created patented technologies and have won multiple awards in the field of protected farming. We know, through direct, hands-on, on-ground experience - what works for which crop in what kind of climate. We guide and support your farming journey with insights only years of hands-on experience can bring.

Partner with us, to get the best solution, that works for you.

Business Consulting

We carry out primary and secondary research, understand your objectives, and map them to market trends to create a 10 year, sustainable business plan for you.

This is an optional, paid phase for clients having a long-term vision.

Site Evaluation

We begin with a detailed evaluation of the site to devise a tailored farm setup plan that honours the unique characteristics and constraints of the land. 

During this phase, we finalise the farm's capacity plan and budget.

Farm Setup

We execute the farm set-up according to the finalised design, ensuring completion within the stipulated time and budget.

This phase ends with a dry-run of the infrastructure setup.

Crop Advisory

We monitor market trends closely, enabling us to advise you on selecting crop cycles that leverage seasonal price fluctuations for enhanced profitability.

This is an ongoing phase that paves way for a long-term partnership.

Agronomy Support

Farming cannot be mastered online, especially not in just a few days. We offer comprehensive, on-farm, hands-on training over an extended timeframe.

And we top that up with one full year of Agronomy support.

Sales Support

If you don't have a market for your produce, we help you find one. Either through a direct linkage to other buyers or through buy-back arrangement.

We are vested in your long-term success.

Our Work

Why City Greens

If a loved one is sick, will you go to the best doctor or the cheapest one? When it comes to agronomy and supporting our clients, we may not be the cheapest, but we are definitely the best.

Award Winning

Our technology has received multiple national and international awards post stringent tests by agricultural experts, scientists and Govt. agencies.

We Understand

We put our money where our mouth is. In our 145,000 sq ft. in-house farm we grow crops using all the technologies that we offer to our fellow farmers.

Patented Designs 
​& Solutions

NFT channels that can open mid crop cycle, Automation suite that has Artificial Intelligence. With us, you will always stay one step ahead.

Discover how automation can boost your farm's profitability by up to 13% and reduce electricity cost by up to 39%.

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