Can technology be used to grow healthy food, at scale, profitably?

City Greens was set up in the year 2017 to find an answer to this simple question. While setting up, we had given ourselves a timeline of 2 years - either find the answer or shut it down.

As is generally the case, the answer was not that simple - one problem led to another - and we continued on our mission. The rest, as they say, is history.

City Greens is India's most respected, most successful, and most awarded startup in the domain of Aeroponics, Hydroponics, and Farm Automation for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Farming. With award winning technology, multiple patents, 8.6 Mn in grant awards from the Govt. of India, and invitations to expand operations in their geographies from the Govt bodies in UAE, UK and USA, City Greens is changing the way farming is done globally.

Our Founders

Gaurav Narang

Gaurav, a graduate of IIM Calcutta, is a serial entrepreneur, a best selling author, and a member of the Board of Governors of IIIT Sonepat, a Govt. of India Institute. You can find more about him and connect with him here.

Shwaita Uniyal

Shwaita, an IIM B Goldman Sachs 10K Scholar, is a homemaker, a mother of two, and an operations expert - running day to day operations at City Greens. You can find more about her and connect with her here.

Rahul Indorkar

Rahul, an IIM Cal graduate, a two time entrepreneur, and a man with a cause, is the gelling force that holds the finance, legal, and statutory aspects of City Greens together. You can find more about him and connect with him here.

We are not like bollywood (or hollywood) superheroes who had super powers and could do it all alone. We are humans, who needed support, and who felt despair and thoughts of giving up many a times. But it was for these superheroes who supported us, in our times of need, that we could achieve our dreams and made a difference.

Our Supporters

Anupam Jalote

Ex-CEO of iCreate. The gentleman stood by us, whenever we needed him. A real gem, someone we will always respect, no matter what.

IIT Ropar

A strategic investor in City Greens - who understands the value of what we are doing and supports us in creating cutting edge technology.


National Centre for Management of Agricultural Extension, Manage is a centre of excellence for Agriculture. Supported CityGreens under RKVY Raftaar.


The first institute, that believed in us, supported us, and incubated us. a-iDEA, NAARM is the largest Agri tech incubator in India.