Subsidy for polyhouse setup in India.

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What is Subsidy?

A subsidy is a financial aid or assistance provided by the government or an organization to a particular individual, group, or business to promote economic activities or encourage certain behaviors. Subsidies can come in various forms, including cash payments, tax breaks, reduced interest rates on loans, or direct assistance such as grants.

In India, both state and central governments provide subsidies for polyhouse setups and farming to encourage agricultural production and promote modern farming practices. The subsidies and their eligibility criteria may vary depending on the state and the specific scheme. But the subsidy provided by the central government via National Horticulture Board (NHB) does not vary from state to state.

In this blog we will look into the subsidy that NHB provides for supporting protected cultivation in India.

The NHB provides financial assistance for the development of commercial horticulture through various schemes, including the Construction of Polyhouses, Shade Net Houses, and Rain Shelters scheme. It provides up to 50% subsidy for the cost of construction of polyhouses and shade net houses.

Minimum Area for Availing Subsidy

Polyhouses having an area above 2500 sqm are eligible for subsidy. In the case of the Northeast region, the minimum area is over 1000 sqm.

What is the Subsidy Amount?

You can get up to 50% subsidy with an upper limit of 56 lakhs.

Eligible Crops 

Vegetables:  Capsicum, Cucumber, and Tomatoes.

Flowers: Anthurium, Orchids, Rose, Lilium, Chrysanthemum, Carnation and Gerbera.


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