• Sustainable is Good!

    Grow Green. Grow Sustainably.

Don't think of sustainability as another buzzword. It makes perfect financial sense to adopt sustainable practices in your farming. By efficiently using resources, sustainable farming helps minimise costs and boosts profitability. 

It's beneficial for the plants, advantageous for the people, and essential for the planet.

Geo Thermal

By tapping into the natural temperature difference between the earth's layers, we can cool the air inside a farm.

A natural, low-cost, eco-friendly air conditioner.

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Electricity cost is generally the second largest cost (after manpower) incurred in running a controlled environment farm. 

Using solar improves farm profitability.

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Approx. 80% of world's drinking water supply is routed to agriculture. If even 20% of that is saved, the water woes will be over.

Measure and use every drop wisely.

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Committed to sustainable farming, we measure our success through both; financial growth as well as alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, recognising our collective responsibility to safeguard the earth and the ecosystem.

Creating farmer entrepreneurs who are further creating downstream jobs.

Saving 83% more water than open field farming; 34% more than other greenhouse farms.

Ensuring zero ground-water discharge of fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals.

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