• Grow Smart!

    Use technology to

    -Reduce electricity bill by up to 39%

    -Improve water usage by up to 36%

    -Increase yields by up to 13%

The world around us is becoming increasingly smart and connected. Why should we continue to farm the old way?

Embrace the future with City Green's award-winning technology suite, powered by proprietary IoT, AI, and ML innovations. With City Green's suite you can now say goodbye to human errors, realise monthly cost savings, and reap the benefits of increased yields through precision farming.  

Climate Management

How will you perform if the temperature is 20°C? Will your performance vary if the temperature reaches 30°C? What about at 40°C?

Create the right climate for plants to grow.

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Nutrient Management

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins. A balanced human diet contains all of these in the right proportion. 

Plants need a balanced diet as well.

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Irrigation Management

How often do you drink water? Whenever you are thirsty or for 5 minutes every 2 hours? Does temperature impact your intake?

Use technology to irrigate the plants when they are thirsty.

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Power Management

Do you turn on all the power equipment in your home together? What all electrical safeguards do you use in your home?

Use technology to optimize your electricity consumption.

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Agronomy Management

For managing your health, would you hire a team of full-time specialist Doctors or reach out to one as and when needed?

Use technology to manage the health of your farm with remote support from our agronomy team, as and when needed.

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Case Studies

Real life examples of how City Greens' technology suite has made life easier for these farmers.

39% reduction achieved in electricity bill for this climate controlled farm. 

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Different EC maintained during day and night cycle.

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17 crops grown together in one farm in a single crop cycle.

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Discover how adopting sustainable farming practices can not only benefit the planet but also help improve farm profitability.

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