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Like any type of gardening, hydroponic systems are susceptible to pests and diseases. In this blog post, we will go over some common pests and diseases that can affect hydroponic plants and how to prevent & control them.
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How to deal with common household storage pests.
Before implementing any control measures, one must understand the source of an infestation, i.e., where and how did the pests come from
02.06.18 11:09 AM - Comment(s)
Common Storage Pests found in a household
Have you come across insects in the stored grains, flour, and cereal seeds in your kitchen, clothes in wardrobes, books, and documents in the storeroom. Learn how to protect your household from storage pests.
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 How to identify and manage infestation caused by Bugs
Are bugs bugging you in your garden? Find out how to identify and deal with persistent bugs.
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How to protect your plants from the Squash Vine Borer
There are two different types of squashes, summer and winter squash. Both of these can get killed by the Squash Vine Borer
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How to protect your plants from Beetles
Did you know that the front wings of beetle aren't meant to fly, but to protect rear wings. Read on to find out more exciting things about beetles.
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How to identify and protect your garden from Caterpillars
The caterpillar causes damage by eating the leaves. In leafy vegetables, losing foliage will lead to a decrease in yield. Partly due to loss of the crop, and in part due to reduced photosynthesis rate.
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How to identify and protect your garden from Mealy Bugs
The male mealybugs will live only for a short period. They do not feed on the plants. The only reason they exist is to reproduce.
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How to identify and protect your garden from an Aphid attack
Aphids produce sugary food for ants, and in turn, ants protect them from the predatory insects.
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