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5 Most Commonly Used Growing Media in Hydroponics
In this blog, we will look into the five most commonly used hydroponics growing media, highlighting their characteristics, benefits, and considerations.
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What is TDS? Its Importance and Maintenance in Hydroponics.
In hydroponics, TDS is an essential parameter for maintaining optimal plant growth and overall system health. TDS provides information on the nutrient concentration in the water and can help you adjust nutrient levels for proper plant growth.
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Nutritient deficiency in plants: Signs to watch out for
Learn how to identify the visible nutrient deficiency symptoms in your garden plants.
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Which nutrients will you choose for your plants? Organic or Inorganic.
Contrary to intuition and popular belief, bone meal, fish excreta, and seaweeds are not allowed in Organic production in India as per current NPOP guidelines.
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Essential micronutrients (and trace elements) that plants need. Why you should not ignore them
Historically, Micronutrients have not been given the due importance they deserve. This has led to a severe deficiency in soils around the world.
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The three Macronutrients that plants need besides NPK
Apart from N, P, K, there are three other macronutrients needed by plants in large quantities. Let's find out the role they play in plant's liecycle.
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What do the numbers or ratios after NPK mean?
Understand how to decode the numbers after NPK. Know id you are using the right nutrition.
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The fact that all plants need NPK should not lead to a mistaken prognosis that all plants need the same amount of NPK at all the times. The relative amount of NPK needed by different plants at any specific point in time may vary due to a number of factors like the growing medium, the relative age of...

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The ABC of Plant Nutrition. Rather, the NPK of plant nutrition.
All plants need the three primary macronutrients represented by the alphabets NPK. Yet, depending upon the plant variety and growth stage, different plants may need a different proportion of individual nutrient at any given point in time.
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Understanding Plant Nutrition. What, Why and How?
Find answers to your basic FAQs about plant nutrition.
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