Turn your farm into a Smart farm

Grow Smart!

Use CityGreens' automation suite to automate routine tasks like climate control, nutrient balancing, irrigation control, electrical equipment and machinery automation, water level monitoring, operating shade and rain protection curtains, and more.

Eliminate human dependency and manual errors. Enjoy higher productivity at lower costs. Improve the RoI and profits from your farm.

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Remote Supervision

With CityGreens IoT offering, you can be anywhere in the world and still control your farm remotely.

Precision Nutrition

Provide right mix of nutrient to your plants at the right time with absolutely zero human involvement.

Lower Electricity Bill

Get assured savings of a minimum of 21% in electricity outgo by using our electrical control module.

Irrigation Control

Over watering, under watering, adjusting water cycle to weather, let technology manage it for you.

Water Management

Borewell to sump, sump to RO, RO to nutrient tanks, our technology can automate that.

Climate Control

Use CityGreens' climate control module to ensure your plants get the best climate for their growth.

Smart Farm Automation

Understand what is farm automation, what all you can automate, how can it help you, and how you can use automation in your farms.

With the smart farm automation range from City Greens, we can now turn any farm into a Smart farm. Get measurable improvement in RoI with CG Automation Suite.

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