Automates the electrical controls in your farm


Farmato is the electrical automation module from the house of CityGreens.

It automates the switching on and off of different electrical equipments based on specific time values.


By automating the control of different equipment, the chances of manual errors are eliminated.

By switching off electrical appliances when not needed, a grower can cut down on electricity bills.


Automate based on specific time instant

Automate based on a time period

Separate automation for day and night

Monitor power consumption in the farm

On-site display + remote view IoT dashboard


 FarmatoIoT Hub
 Time based AutomationYesYes
 Sensor based AutomationNoYes
Smart Automation (time + sensor based)NoYes
On-site Display3 inches touchscreen5 inches touchscreen
 Remote DashboardYesYes
 Monitor Power ConsumptionYesYes
Automate IrrigationYesYes
Automate ClimateNoYes
Automate Nutrient TemperatureNoYes

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