Creates the right climate for plants to Grow


Ensense is the climate monitoring module from the house of CityGreens.

It monitors temperature, humidity, and vapour pressure deficit (VPD) in the environment.


By controlling the climate, a grower can create better conditions for plants growth leading to higher yields.

By operating electrical appliances based on sensor values, a grower can cut down on electricity bills.


Monitors Temperature, Humidity, and VPD

Data back-up in case of power failure

Remote view IoT dashboard

Regulate environment inside the growing chamber


 EnsenseEnsense +
 Temp MonitoringYesYes
 Humidity MonitoringYesYes
 VPD MonitoringYesYes
Data BackupYesYes
 Remote DashboardYes (with IoT Hub)Yes
On-site DisplayYes (with IoT Hub)No
 Regulate TemperatureAutomated (with IoT Hub)Manual
 Regulate Humidity Automated (with IoT Hub) Manual
Regulate VPD Automated (with IoT Hub) Manual

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