Automates nutrient dosing


Autonute is the nutrient dosing automation module from the house of CityGreens.

It maintains the perfect level of EC/TDS, and pH in the nutrient tank thereby ensuring that the plants are always fed with the right recipe for their optimal growth.


By automating nutrient dosing, the chances of any manual error, in nutrient balancing, leading to total loss of crop gets eliminated.

By feeding the plants with an optimal recipe 24x7, the plant growth improves considerably.


Automate EC/TDS and pH dosing

Dual mode nutrient dosing - AB | ABC

Dual mode pH balancing - pH Down | pH Up + pH Down

Patented sensors | 1 touch calibration


 Feature Autonute
 Operating Mode 12 Part Nutrient Solution + pH Up + pH Down
 Operating Mode 23 Part Nutrient Solution + pH Down/pH Up
Calibration1 touch through touchscreen
On-site Display5 inches touchscreen
 Remote DashboardYes
pH SensorPatented | Calibration interval 1 Year
EC SensorPatented | Calibration interval 10 Years
 Sensor error protectionYes
Dosing frequencyUser Configurable
 Nutrient RatiosUser Configurable

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